Center for SGL-LGBT  of African Descent Community

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UBUNTU Center of Chicago – The Center for SGL-LGBT African Americans, a Chicago non-profit business, was founded in 2013. The Center aim is to continue to implement SGL-LGBT affirming programs, services, projects and special events; and to partner with other social justice organizations and allies with similar beliefs. In 2015 The Center of Chicago will open and provide the SGL-LGBT and allied community a safe space in Chicago to discuss, learn and offer support to one another.


The mission of the UBUNTU Center of Chicago is to develop and implement programs, services and build capacity to improve the quality of life of SGL-LGBT persons of African descent in Chicago.

The UBUNTU Center of Chicago envisions a world where Men and Women of African descent within the SGL-LGBT community are empowered as individuals, as citizens and as part of the larger community, enjoying non-prejudicial treatment under the law and in every aspect of their lives. We will encourage the creation of a society that celebrates the inherent worth, dignity, contributions, history and diverse characteristics of every same gender loving individual.


The Ubuntu Center of Chicago will be a leader in Chicago for the collaboration of the SGL-LGBT community and allied groups, the media, and policy makers; a resource and service center for all persons and organizations who share our vision; and a place of historical documenting and education.