Center for SGL-LGBT  of African Descent Community

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The Mark Livingston Gallery

UCenter for the Arts provides a space for Same Gender Loving, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender artists in the Chicago area and across the United States to share their work with our community.

The Mark Livingston Gallery will showcase different SGL-LGBT artists of African descent and will present a permanent display during normal business hours. When there is a new artist that we are showcasing the public will be able to join us for our opening night reception where you can mix and mingle with other community members and meet the featured artists. 

Our current schedule for 2014: 

January 1 – February 28

March 1 – April 30

May 1 – June 30

July 1 – August 31

September – October 31

November 1 – December 31

All openings will be held on the first day of the month

If you are an SGL-LGBT artist of African descent and interested in being considered for a show, please contact our Ubuntu Center for the Artist XXX XXXX at XXXX@Ubuntu.org