Center for SGL-LGBT  of African Descent Community

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 Ubuntu Cyber Center

There will be 10 to 20 computers in the Cyber Center available for public use during open-access hours. Each computer has internet access as well as many popular software programs for research, trainings and study.

Classes & Workshops

The Ubuntu Cyber Center offers a number of beginner and intermediate level courses to help you strengthen your computer knowledge or build specific skills using programs like Microsoft Office, Google Sketch Up and more. 

The Ubuntu Cyber Center also offers specific technology workshops each month covering a variety of topics and skills. These workshops are focused on a specific and more advanced topic like social networking, specialized software, and/ or computer hardware.

Need help drafting a resume or doing online job searching? The Ubuntu Community Center can help. Our team of staff and volunteers will host the Job Club several times each week to help you build skills and techniques to better compete in the job market. The club is your opportunity for one-on-one assistance to create the right résumé, fine-tune your interview skills, or hone your online job search. The Job Club is free and open to the youth ages 13 until 21. Check our calendar for the next Job Club.

Ubuntu Cyber Center

The XXX Cyber Center provides technology training and internet access to the LGBT-SGL community of African descent. The Center works to build technology competence improve employability and bridge the digital divide within the community. In addition, The Center will offer free Wi-Fi access in The Center lobby and throughout the entire building during normal business hours of 11 am o 9pm, six days a week.