Center for SGL-LGBT  of African Descent Community

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UCenter for Youth


The UCenter for Youth promotes The Day of Silence, an event that brings attention to anti-LGBT harassment in schools. Participants take their vow of silence for this day in hopes to encourage their classmates or co-workers to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior by showing the silencing-effect of anti-LGBT bullying in schools.

The UCenter for Youth will be participating in the Day of Silence by opening up its meeting space for a Day of Silence: Silent Lunch and by offering education and support of local schools. If you are interested in participating in the Day of Silence and are looking for a place to have lunch in silence, come to The Ubuntu Center of Chicago (Address) anytime between 12:00pm-1:30pm on April 18th and join other participating members from the area.

In addition to the Day of Silence Lunch, The UCenter will also be putting together a "Wall of Silence" made up of different quotes and pictures sent in from the community regarding why they have chosen to remain silent on this day. We will be accepting submissions for the wall until April 3rd.