Center for SGL-LGBT  of African Descent Community

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UCenter Authors Series

UCenter Author Series

UCenter for the Arts provides a space for SGL- LGBT authors of African descent to share and discuss their work with the community through book readings, lectures, and community discussions. This new initiative is a partnership between Ubuntu Center for the Arts and other Institutions. Authors are welcome to contact Ubuntu Community Center if they would like to be a part of this ongoing series. 

Please send a copy of your book to

Dwayne Sanders

care of Ubuntu Center Chicago

1525 East 55th Street Suite 205
Chicago,  IL 60615

contact dwayne@ubuntuchicago.org or call 773.599.0051


Born and raised as Corky Henderson, X. Healing was born March 13, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He began writing poetry very early on in life, usually inspired by love interests, spiritual epiphanies, familial hardships and other stimuli. He holds a B.A. in English literature from Morehouse College and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

In 2008 after an earnest prayer to know and love God more, X. Healing’s spirituality expanded tremendously causing him to have a more universal sense of who God is and who we are in connection to God and each other. This new found consciousness catapulted X. Healing along his individual journey and caused him to realize his destiny…to share his truth with the world and to evoke Healing. He would do this by helping others to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. This endeavor began as a daily blog entitled “Healing Affirmations”; most of these can be found on the M.O.M. blog site.

He has written and published his first book of the M.O.M. book series-“The Awakening”. Soon to come are “The Affirmation of Healing” and “Journey to Consciousness”…so stay tuned.

Eddie Pierce

Eddie Pierce has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative writing from Chicago State University home of the world renowned Gwendolyn Brooks Writing Center and host of the annual Gwendolyn Brooks Writer's Conference. Mr. Pierce considers himself to be primarily a fiction and prose writer but was afforded the opportunity to be published in 95Notes literary Magazine for poetry and Sage Publishing's Encyclopedia of Identity for an article on the phenomena of Passing".. On Saturday November 12, 2011 pierce released his first self published work Love: Something Infinite and simultaneously launched Rainbow Room Publishing. The second self published novel Love: From Behind followed on Sunday June 30, 2013. Additionally he is currently producing more titles and pursing numerous other literary and artistic ventures. Currently Eddie resided in Dallas Texas.

Max Smith

This lifelong political and cultural activist has resided in Chicago since his 1976 graduation from Michigan State University. He has been treasurer of the Illinois Gay Rights Task Force; the founder of the Chicago chapter of the National Coalition of Black Gays; an organizer of United Faith Affinitas Church; a member of ADODI Chicago; a columnist for BLACKlines and Identity magazines; and editor of a book on black men’s same-gender-loving relationships, Staying Power!


Max Smith is, and has been, a visible, conscientious, and tireless role model in Chicago for the past 15 years. His tenacity and vision are admirable, especially in the face of the political and social hostility that exists within and toward the Black gay and lesbian community.      

A sales and leasing consultant, Smith has been an active member of the Illinois Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Good Shepherd Parish Metropolitan Community Church, the Black Bible Study Group, the Third World Gay and Lesbian Christian Conference, Affinitas, the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, the Committee to Increase Black Lesbian/Gay Awareness, the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum, BROTHERRS, and the Chicago Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays.   

Smith has taken issue with and devised a consistent battle plan which addresses and attempts to derail homophobia within the African American and the larger communities, while gently addressing the issue and impact of internalized homophobia. In concert with other concerned Black gay and lesbian people, he has "kept the faith." This is especially true in his continuing efforts to engage the Black clergy in discussions about homophobia, and in dealing with the presence of gay men and lesbians in their congregations and pulpits.    

Smith has also focused his energies on mainstream organizations, including Operation PUSH and the NAACP, challenging them to match their ideological positions with programmatic and systemic changes on gay and lesbian issues.    

He is a contributor to BLK and Blacklight      


Blacklight- BLK - NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Born in Hickory, N.C., Max Smith graduated Jefferson City, MO Senior High School,  and received his BA from Michigan State in Communication Arts. His books include "Staying Power: The Unofficial Guide to Maintaining Positive African American Male Relationships " and " African America's 3rd Rail SGL." His essay "By the Year 2000" appear  in 'In The Life: Adodi Black Gay Anthology. " His essay 'December  1,2031: AIDS At 50,"  appears  in "Black Gay Genius. Answering Joseph Beam's Call."


Robert Parker

Robert Parker took his name as a tribute to his grandparents and their legacy where he was first encourage observing and talking about. He was first published as an eighth grader by winning a middle school short story contest in the state of South Carolina. He began by writing short stories and poetry to chronicle his life stories and his struggles as a same gender loving man of color. He has published three novels, his first Don’t Dig me Any Deeper, his second In My Father’s House and his third Glory house as well as a collection of short stories and poetry titled From the Soul.

Robert was a a columnist for Chicago’s only magazine dedicated to issues around same gender loving people of color Blacklines for two years and is currently the columnist for a new online webzine called the urban hook. His upcoming novel is currently title The Senator’s Son is due in January 2017. He is currently a resident of Chicago.